Touroperator «Wyr Mandriv»

       One from some touroperators which organizing trips in Ukraine. Before receipt touroperator licence we have worked as excursion-information agency and organized excursions in Lviv and in Lviv region.
       Company «Wyr Mandriv» cooperate with licensed professional guides which know most of Europe languages and with transport companies wich have all types of transport from passenger car to bus and limousine. Our main aim - is develping tourism in Ukraine and make high quality service. 
       For reaching this aim we always improving and creating new routs. Exploring new interesting places and after that you'll have choice to go there and get maximum impression, satisfaction from seen and filled. At the present we have many excursions in        Western Ukraine and we will not stop in reached.
       Our company at the time of creation tourist routs keep some principles:

  • Quality most of all
  • Price must be lower than a quality
  • Safety
  • Preservation of unique nature monuments and architecture
  • Respect native customs


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