Paths of Transcarpathian

Paths of Transcarpathian

1st Day 

– Departure from Lviv to Mukachevo 
– Mukachevo (excursion in town and in castle “Palanok”)
Mukachevo appears in 10th century near castle “Palanok”, what defends trade routs, what comes from mountain passes. Castle for it’s long history have rebuilt’s of many times. 
З From ancient buildings in town saves castle “Palanok” (14th – 15th century), steeple of st. Martyn – monument of gothic 16th century, previous residence of prince Rakocy (17th – 18th century), “White house” (18th century), monastery cells  1772, Shelestovska (1733) and Mykolayivska (1806) churches and other historical monuments there are.
– Passing the night 
2nd Day  
– Breakfast 
– Departure to Uzhhorod 
– By the way turns in to the village Seredne. Visiting wine cells (Epoch of growth viticulture in the history of village, ties with the family Dobo. They strengthening local castle and develops viniculture in the village Seredne. Son of Ishtwan Dobo with companions by the strength of captived Turks enlarge and make deeper wine cellars, general length reach’s four kilometers. Nowadays cellars using local winery “Leanka”) and Serednyanskyy castle. (In XIII century in place of present village were built castle of most powerful in the western part of Europe catholic order Templar’s. After order breakup in 1312 castle came to the monk’s hands of St. Pavlo order. 
– Uzhhorod by the excursion you’ll see: castle, Cathedral, philharmonic society, museum of architecture, Korzo str., Lime avenue, public council.
– Passing the night 
3rd  Day 
– Breakfast
– Journey to Beregove. Excurion by the town and tasting wine in ancient town cellar. In that place you will have an chance to taste near eight sorts of wine and receive a lot of information about methods of wine preparing. 
Returning to Lviv

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