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Discover Western Ukraine in 9 days

Discover Western Ukraine in 9 days

Mukachevo – Uzhgorod – Beregovo – Hust – Solotvyno – Rachiv – Yaremche – Kosiv – Chernivci – Hotyn - Kamyanec – Podalskyj – Zbarazh – Ternopil – Lviv

 1 day

Arrival to town Chynadijevo - a town in the Transcarpathian region. It lies on the Latorica river in its upper reaches, in the middle of the road from Svalava to Mukachevo. The medieval castle, rebuilt by Lothair Franz von Schonborn after serious damage by the army of Jerzy Lubomirski in 1657.


Arrival to Mukachevo

Mukachevo city tour and visiting Castle Palanok.

Mukachevo was founded in 10th century.

From ancient monuments in the city worth seeing Palanok Castle (14-15 century), which was used as a defense system of trade routes . During its long history the castle was repeatedly rebuilt.

St. Martin - a gothic monument of the 16th century, the home of Prince Rakocy (17-18 years old), "White House" (18 century), monastery cells (1772), Shelestovska church(1733) and Mykolajivska church (1806) and other historical monuments.


By the way turns in to the village Seredne. Visiting wine cells (Epoch of growth viticulture in the history of village, ties with the family Dobo. They strengthening local castle and develops viniculture in the village Seredne. Son of Ishtvan Dobo with companions expands and deepens wine cellars, the total length of the four kilometers. Nowadays cellars using local winery “Leanka”) and castle. (In XIII century in place of present village were built castle of most powerful in the western part of Europe catholic order Templar. )

Overnight in Uzhgorod.

 2 day


In Uzhorod excursion you’ll see: Castle, Cathedral, Philharmonic Hall, Museum of Architecture, Alley of linden, Public council.


Arrive to the Beregowe

Guided tour and wine tasting in the cellars of the city, where you can taste eight species of fine wines, and learn the secret preparation of wine.


Arriving in Hust. Accommodation at the hotel

Excursions to the ruined of Hust castle.


 3 day


Solotvyno is a village in the Tiachiv distric in the Transcarpathian (Zakarpattia) region of Ukraine, located close to the border with Romania, on the right bank of the Tisza River. The village's name comes from the nearby salt mine.

Solotvyno was first mentioned ca. 1360 (the former one was burned down by the Tatars in 1241). It has 9,700 inhabitants and 2,200 households.


Rakhiv, or more precisely, the village Dilove located close to it, is one of several European locations vying for the symbolic right to be Geographical centre of Europe. Dilove was point calculated in 1887 by the Austro-Hungarian geographers, carries a Latin discription: "Locus Perennis Dilicentissime cum libella librationis quae est in Austria et Hungaria confectacum mensura gradum meridionalium et paralleloumierum Europeum. MD CCC LXXXVII."

The Headquarters of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve[1] are located in Rakhiv.


Yaremche - a picturesque town, which is located on the south-west of Ivano-Frankivsk region in the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathians, in the area ranges Chornohora and Gorgan.

First memory dates back to 1727 year. In the XIX century. Yaremche ceases to town for the holiday, which came to rest in Krakow, Warsaw, Lviv and other cities in Europe. After a while Yaremche turns into health resort, which attracts many tourists to the Ukrainian Carpathians. Today the city - the famous tourist center Carpathians.

Through the city flows the picturesque river Prut, which washes the rocky shore.


 4 day


Moving to Kosiv (Ukrainian: Косiв, Polish: Kos?w, Romanian: Cos?u) is a city located in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Kosivsky Raion (district).

Especially popular is the famous Kosovo market, the fame of which spread far beyond Gutsulschiny. This is not surprising since there are represented almost all products and household decorative arts: ceramics, carpets, embroidered clothing, articles of iron, leather, fur and many other beautiful and useful things. It is open twice a week - Thursday and Saturday morning. Better come early, at about six o'clock - then have the opportunity to catch a great choice.

Arriving in Chernivci . Accommodation at the hotel


City tour of Chernivci


5 day


Moving to Hotyn

Hotyn has always attracted the attention of the conquerors. In order to protect them from the fortress was built, which survived the centuries and saw under the walls of his hordes of enemies.

Excursion in Hotyn fortress on the Dnister.


Arriving in Kamenetz-Podilsk. Accommodation at the hotel

City, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, belongs to the outstanding events of European culture. Rocky island, surrounded with a tight loop Smotrych River, which flows into the beautiful deep canyon, was a kind of natural pedestal, which for more than ten centuries of known and unknown masters created the present stone miracle.

Visit legendary castle complex. A walking tour through the old town with a visit to Market Square and Town Hall, the Catholic Cathedral of Peter and Paul, a former minaret topped by a sculpture of the Virgin, the Dominican monastery, the Armenian Quarter and other attractions Kamjanetc – Podolsk.


 6 day


leaving Kamyanetc-Podilsk

Coming to town Zbarazh - see - the Roman Catholic church and monastery. Bernardine - built around 1627, the Foundation of Prince George Zbaraskogo, locking Zbarask of 1626, the monument of Mickewych in 1898 in the park, an old castle in the Old Zbaraski Thou (in ruins). Damaged during the defense Janusz Zbaraskiego from the Tatars in 1589.


Coming to town Kremenets. Kremenets, it's the city where was born of the famous Polish poet - Juliusz Slovak. This region is rich in history and has unique views. Kremenets not without reason has the title of "pearl crown of Podilsk".

Arriving in Lviv.

Accommodation at the hotel


 7 day


City tour of the old part of town, during wich you’ll plunge into the history of Lviv. You’ll visit “Rynok” (Market) Square.You’ll see: Town Hall, Chorna Kamyanytsya, house Kornyakta with Italian courtyard, Assumpyion Church (Uspenska) – a wonderful example of Renaissance architecture, Gunpowder tower (Porokhova Vezha), the ensemble of Armenian Cathedral, churches Dominicans and Bernardinos…


Free time


 8 day

Museums tour : we are moving in Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Cemeteries" - a unique collection of famous graves of people of Ukraine, Poland and Austria, 10-20 cent. Museum of ancient weapons arsenal, Pharmacy - Museum and Opera House.


Visiting Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in the name of Solomiya Krushelnytska is one of the most beautiful Opera Theatres in the Europe. It was constructed in 1900, but it is not the first Opera House in Lviv. The first opera performances have had place in Lviv since the end of 18th century.



 9 day


Departure from Lviv


Price in EUR per person

20 +1

480 EUR

30 +2

450 EUR

40 +2

435 EUR

50 +2

425 EUR



Price includes:
- Hotel Accommodation
- Guide service
- Tours of the program
- Insurance
- 8 breakfasts, 9 suppers
- Entrance fees to museums

Price does not include:

- Lunch

 - bus service

- Personal expenses

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